Sinking in the West

May 21st, 2009 by Joe Kristan

California voters have decided that they don’t care to pay more taxes to bail out their feckless politicians. How feckless? This feckless:
It’s not surprising that Californians feel a bit overtaxed:
Source: The Tax Foundation
Will it get any better? The TaxGrrrl thinks not:

Cuts are inevitable now. So are higher taxes. Just months after California cut billions in spending, raised the state sales tax by a penny, borrowed and yes, begged, from the federal government, the state is expected to once again raise taxes. This time, income taxes are the likely target.

Californian Russ Fox thinks the voters who rejected their tax increases meant what they said:
Voters told Sacramento in no uncertain words it’s time to cut programs, and spend only the money you have. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats in control of both houses of California’s legislature get the message.

Expect variants of the “Washington Monument Ploy,” named after the trick of shutting down the most visible and popular programs to shelter the less visible wasteful spending. Look for Charles Manson to be put up for work release.
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