Joe Francis: I didn’t evade taxes, and it’s their fault anyway

September 3rd, 2009 by Joe Kristan

There’s a new twist in the tax evasion case of “Girls Gone Wild” impresario Joe Francis. He has sued three former employees for for allegedly turning him in to the IRS in an attempt to cover their own tracks. Mr. Francis alleges the employees were stealing from him:

The complaint, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday by “Girls Gone Wild” production company Mantra Films, alleges that the firm’s former chief financial officer Michael Barrett, former head of technology Roman Pelikh and former vice president of operations Will L’Heureux defrauded Mantra and falsely accused Francis of tax evasion.
The lawsuit charges that the three formed their own company, WMR Marketing, and hid their involvement in it as they approved fraudulent invoices it submitted to Mantra worth nearly $500,000. It also claims that Pelikh submitted and obtained reimbursements for hundreds of thousands of dollars of fraudulent expense reports.

It might not be entirely shocking to find out that Mr. Francis attracts unsavory associates. Even if the charges in the lawsuit turn out to be true, it won’t help Mr. Francis if the IRS succeeds in proving their allegation that he tried to deduct his house in Mexico as a business expense.
Mr. Francis’ defense team has put together a slideshow to help with his defense. I hope they add one for these new allegations that’s as professional as this one:
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