Why stop prisoner tax fraud when you can beat up on law-abiding preparers?

January 5th, 2011 by Joe Kristan

Interesting set of priorities you have, Commissioner Shulman. You have committed enormous institutional resources to imposing a massive new preparer regulation and registration regime. You are forcing practitioners to spend millions of dollars and hours in pointless paperwork on pain of being put out of business. Meanwhile, you let actual criminals — in prison — steal millions by filing fraudulent tax returns:

The IRS has not shared prisoner tax return information with Federal and State prison officials to help combat tax fraud by inmates. … The Inmate Tax Fraud Prevention Act of 2008, signed October 15, 2008 and amended in July 2010, provides the IRS with the authority to disclose information on prisoners who have filed a false tax return to the head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and State departments of corrections. The law also requires TIGTA to provide Congress with a report on the IRS


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