Another Iowa Film Tax Credit indictment!

June 29th, 2011 by Joe Kristan

20110629-2.jpgJust in time for the summer film season! Lee Rood reports:

The Iowa attorney general’s office charged Harel Goldstein with first-degree fraud, conspiracy and forgery, alleging he made false statements to try to obtain Iowa tax credits he was not entitled to, according to court documents.
Goldstein sought the credits for a horror film made in Iowa called “Underground.” State officials denied him credits after an audit revealed his alleged false claims.

The story says that Mr. Goldstein was sentenced last year to four years in federal prison on other fraud charges. These are the kinds of entrepreneurs you can expect to attract by throwing taxpayer money around.
Tom Wheeler, former Director of the Film Office and designated official scapegoat, is scheduled to go on trail on felony misconduct charges August 15.


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