Tax Reform Carnival!

October 21st, 2011 by Joe Kristan

I haven’t heard about the massive parties scheduled to honor the 25th Birthday of the Tax Code tomorrow, but I’ve been out of town, so I probably just missed the news. No doubt they will look something like this:
If you choose a more sedate way of observing the holiday, the tax blog world is all over it already, so there’s your party. I’ll round up their observations in this impromptu Tax Reform Carnival. I’ll add to this list of blog observations as I notice them; if I miss yours, please put the link in the comments and I’ll add it to the party.
Going Concern, Joe Kristan: Who’s Afraid of Tax Reform?
Tax Prof: Graetz: Tax Reform 1986 — A Silver Anniversary, Not a Jubilee
TaxVox, Howard Gleckman: Five Lessons from the 1986 Tax Reform Act
TaxVox, Gene Steurle: Does the Tax Reform Act of 1986 Offer Lessons for Future Reform?
Robert D. Flach (Forbes guest post): Wandering Tax Pro Remembers The Tax Reform Act of 1986
Tax Policy Blog, Scott Hodge: Happy Anniversary Tax Reform Act of 1986
TaxGrrrl: I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help
Update, 10/22
TaxProf, Forbes: Today’s 25th Anniversary of the Tax Reform Act of 1986
Kay Bell, 25 years of tax reform. More on the way?


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