The rich guy can’t pick up the tab

January 26th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

For all of the controversy surrounding the President’s depressing and lame proposals to soak the rich, the most important aspect is getting overlooked: no matter how much money you take from “millionaires and billionaires”, it will hardly reduce the budget deficit at all. The Tax Foundation explains with this helpful chart:

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In so many words:

So taking half of the yearly income from every person making between one and ten million dollars would only decrease the nation’s debt by 1%. Even taking every last penny from every individual making more than $10 million per year would only reduce the nation’s deficit by 12 percent and the debt by 2 percent. There’s simply not enough wealth in the community of the rich to erase this country’s problems by waving some magic tax wand.

Even lowering the bar by taking 100% of the earnings of taxpayers over $1 million would only reduce the deficit by 35%, while of course bringing on an economic catastrophe that would make the Great Depression look like good times. By railing against “millionaires and billionaires” the President tries to distract us from the sad reality: failing to address the government’s incontinent spending will eventually require a big tax increase on everybody. The rich guy isn’t buying because he simply can’t.
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