Tax Roundup, 3/30/2012

March 30th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

Nikki Haley

Rumors seem to be rampant that South Carolina governor Nikki Haley will soon be indicted on tax chargesThe TaxProf rounds up the gossipUPDATE, 3/31:  Apparently there’s nothing to the gossip.

Kay Bell and Peter Reilly say a New Jersey decision will throw a damper on telecommuting.  The Garden State imposed income tax on a Maryland company who hired a New Jersey resident as a telecommuter, working at home.  It strikes me as an unsurprising result, and one that has much more support than the tax imposed on KFC and Jack Daniels in Iowa based solely on use on “intangibles” in the state.

There’s a lot more tax to Obamacare than the penalty for not buying insurance that may bring the whole thing down.  Howard Gleckman at TaxVox reminds us of the other taxes, like the 3.8% tax on “passive” income, that take effect in 2014.

21st Century morals: “A new survey suggests Americans consider cheating on their taxes more socially acceptable than shoplifting, drunk driving or even throwing trash out the window of a moving car,” reports Janet Novack.

The IRS is taking a page from the “Occupy” movement and going after the top 1%. Peter Pappas and Dan Meyer have the scoop.

You think you have tax problems?  “Italy in shock after man sets himself alight for tax evasion

A former Dodger pitcher will be sent down for awhile for admitting tax evasion on an illegal karaoke scheme, of all things.

You’ll be shocked, shocked! to learn there is tax fraud in the hip-hop recording business.



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