Tax Roundup 4/16/2012

April 16th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

Occupy the tax code: Top 1% pays twice the average rate of middle income taxpayers (Tax Policy Blog)

What is this holiday that gives us an extra day of tax season?Today is Emancipation Day” (William Perez)

Most state taxes due April 17, too (Kay Bell)

A free tax return second opinion for the President from Anthony Nitti.

Janet Novack: Obama’s 2011 `Buffett Rule’ Tax Rate Was 27.9%–Less Than 30% Minimum

Peter Reilly on the President’s low-profile return preparer

Married for tax purposes?  Jason Dinesen ponders tax consequences of Civil Unions and Registered Domestic Partnerships.

They weren’t easy to start with, but “For Americans Abroad, Taxes Just Got More Complicated” (New York Times)

They’ll gladly take more: State tax revenues up in 2011, but not booming (Tax Break)

Don’t try the Defense Department either:  “Post Office Gets It Wrong When It Comes to Tax Advice” (TaxGrrrl)