Tax Roundup, 4/5/2012

April 5th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

Amazon Taxes “hurt economic growth, produce little revenue, and cause job losses” (David Hirsanyi).  So naturally Iowa wants in.

If you don’t e-file, use Certified mail to file your return.  Russ Fox explains: “About three years ago one of my clients saved $2.42 (I think that was the cost of a certified mail piece then) and sent his return in with a $0.37 stamp. It never made it. He ended up paying nearly $1000 in penalties and interest…but he did save $2.42.”

TaxGrrrl lists “Eleven Things Your Tax Pro Doesn’t Want to Hear From You This Month.”  Her #3 is #1 on my list at this point of the season.  Anthony Nitti adds to the list.

Phil Hodgen explains the often-overlooked “net election” to enable foreign taxpayers to greatly reduce US withholding on their U.S. rental income.

Kay Bell honors the start of baseball season by discussing Albert Pujol’s new tax world.

Kafka has nothing on Doug Shulman’s IRS: via Jack Townsend, a jaywalker’s tale of his experience trying to come into compliance with the foreign account reporting requirements.  I found this telling: “My first Shulman letter was responded to by letter about 6 months later.”