Tax Roundup, 10/3/2012: abbreviated edition

October 3rd, 2012 by Joe Kristan

Sorry, only links this morning:

Des Moines Register,  Off-duty police officers dispute Iowa sales tax rationale

TaxProf, TPC: 90% of Americans Face Average $3,500 Tax Increase From Fiscal Cliff; Rich Face Largest Increase

Anthony Nitti,Supreme Court Declines to Hear Watson, A Critical Case on S Corporation Reasonable Compensation

Kay Bell, Rep. Wile E. Coyote, aka a cartoonish Congress teetering on the fiscal cliff edge

Jim Maule, Dependency, Government Spending, Tax Breaks, and Middle School

Jason Dinesen,  Would a New Name Help Enrolled Agents?

Phil Hodgen, Property Transfers Between Spouses: Gift Tax

TaxGrrrl,  Investigation Into Bank Bailout Fraud Leads to Tax Charges

Richard Morrison, Chart of the Day: Number and Percentage of Nonpayers Has Reached Record Levels (Tax Policy Blog)

David Brunori,  Hawaii’s Solar Power Cronyism  (

Howard Gleckman, Will Going Over the Fiscal Cliff Make a Budget Deal Possible? (TaxVox)

It’s Wednesday,  the day you can catch the Buzz at Robert D. Flach’s place


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