Tax Roundup, 12/13/2012: Tax preparer deadline looms. Also: why some companies are happy with a bad tax law.

December 13th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

As Year-End Deadline Looms, Independent Tax Preparers Continue Fight Against IRS Power Grab. (Institute for Justice).  IJ has prepared a two-minute video about their suit to stop the inane and futile preparer regulation program.

I wish IJ luck; if you are looking to make a last-minute charitable contribution, IJ is certainly a worthy cause.


TaxProf,   Fleischer: Not All Companies Would Welcome a Lower Tax Rate

Reaching an agreement to cut the corporate tax rate should be easy. Major figures from both political parties have expressed interest in reducing the tax from 35%, which is the highest rate among the country’s main trading partners. Corporations would generally benefit from paying less tax and having more cash to reinvest in new projects or pay in dividends to shareholders.

The 35% rate is more of a “sticker price” than a reflection of the average tax burden. Corporations can pay a lower rate by lobbying for special deductions and credits, employing aggressive transfer pricing strategies to shift profits offshore and structuring operations to minimize how much they pay in taxes in the United States.

You can see the same dynamic in Iowa, with its highest-in-the-nation corporation tax rate.  That’s just fine for the lucky and the well-lobbied, some of whom actually make money from the Iowa tax law through refundable tax credits, especially the Research Credit.  For a little guy without connections or lobbyists, it’s a great reason to set up in South Dakota.

Speaking of which:   Key Iowa senator questions tax-incentive programs (Quad City Times):

An influential state senator said lawmakers will have to take a harder look at the state’s tax-credit programs this session, including the economic development credits used to entice companies to build in Iowa.

Sen. Joe Bolkcom, D-Iowa City, who was reappointed to chair the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, held a Statehouse hearing on tax-credit programs Wednesday. He has been a vocal critic of the how the state uses incentive programs to compete against other states for economic development.

That will be a lot easier if it is accompanied by a drastic lowering of rates — or better yet, a repeal of the Iowa corporation income tax.  Yet there’s always a voice for breaks for those with connections — in this case Tom Sands (R-Wapello), Chairman of the Iowa House Appropriations Committee. From the story:

Sands said the people in Lee County and Woodbury County — for the most part — aren’t complaining about the incentives offered to the companies and are looking forward to the jobs they’ll bring.

That’s why it’s hard to get rid of these things.  Politicians point to the jobs they “create” by bribing companies to do what they would probably do anyway.  They don’t have to call press conferences for all of the anonymous businesses that never come to Iowa, or that never get started to begin with, because of Iowa’s expensive and byzantine tax law.

There is a better way:  The Tax Update’s Quick and Dirty Iowa Tax Reform Plan


Fiscal Cliff Notes:

Roberton Williams,  Paying 2013 Dividends in 2012 May Save on Taxes but Not for Everyone:

For instance, that extra dividend income could throw some shareholders onto the alternative minimum tax. Some retirees could see more of their Social Security benefits subject to income tax. Some families with children will pay more tax as their child credits phase out.

While some investors would be hurt by the accelerated dividend payouts, many low- and middle-income taxpayers could benefit.

Christopher Bergin,  More Cliffs (

Cara Griffith,  Despite Revenue Growth, States Must Plan for the Fiscal Cliff (

TaxGrrrl,  Senate Can’t Nail Down Budget, Does Have Time For Fruitcake

Patrick Temple-West,   Corporate taxes on table in cliff talks, and more.  I don’t get a good feeling about these guys trying to rewrite the corporate tax in two weeks.

Paul Neiffer,   How Much Would A Gas Tax Raise?

Anthony Nitti,   While The Fiscal Cliff Keeps You Distracted, The AMT Will Rob You Blind


Russ Fox,  Ref Fouls Out:  “As always, it’s far, far easier to just pay the tax you owe…but that thought rarely occurs to the Bozo mind.”

Joseph Henchman,  Study: Toll Collection Cheaper Than Conventionally Thought (Tax Policy Blog).  If electronic tolling is cheap enough to run, it could supplement or replace gas taxes.

Tax Trials:  Tax Question May Determine Supreme Court’s Position on Same-Sex Marriage

Missouri Tax Guy,   Some Easy & Effective Ways to manage Personal Finance

Trish McIntire,  Saving Electronic Records:

Download and save your electronic pay statement to your computer every payday. Save a copy of the invoice anytime you order online. The same goes for all credit card and bank statements that aren’t paper. Once you have a system started, you can start duplicating the paper documents. A home scanner can be inexpensive and a lifesaver.

Once you’ve created a tax documentation system that works for you, don’t forget to back it up and to safely get rid of the paper documents.

If it’s worth backing up, it’s worth backing up twice.

Jack Townsend,   Reasonable Doubt – Explaining It to a Jury.  Best not to have to.

Kay Bell,   French actor Gerard Depardieu moves to Belgian tax haven.  Belgium has a top income tax rate of 50%.  When that becomes a “tax haven,” that tells you how bad France is.

Ungentlemanly:  Fourth Circuit Upholds Conviction of Gentlemen’s Club Owner (Peter Reilly)

Russ Fox,  Ref Fouls Out.  A group of rec-league refs set up an identity theft-based tax fraud scheme.  It worked great, until suddenly it didn’t.    Russ wisely points out:

All told, the four individuals involved in the scheme must make restitution totaling $200,000.  As always, it’s far, far easier to just pay the tax you owe…but that thought rarely occurs to the Bozo mind.

These guys ran their scheme for 12 years before it blew up.  The longer you do something like this, the closer your chance of getting caught approaches 100%.



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