Tax Roundup, 2/21/2013: Late start edition.

February 21st, 2013 by Joe Kristan

I arrived from out-of-town late, so I’m off to a late start this morning, so the roundup is abbreviated today.

Russ Roberts, Why so many Americans pay no income tax.  “I still think we should get rid of the payroll tax and raise income tax rates.”

TaxProf, Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in PPL Corp. v. Commissioner, involving a foreign tax credit shelter.

Kay Bell, Travel tracking apps, website can help at tax time.  Nothing says auto business logs have to be on paper.

Christopher Bergin, Leaving the IRS: A True Tax Pro (  On the retirement of Deborah Butler.

Jim Maule, Tax Commercial’s False Facts Perpetuates Falsehood.  If the ad’s error on the length of the Internal Revenue Code is the only thing wrong, that may actually be progress, sadly.

TaxGrrrl, Five Ways To Pay Your Taxes When You Don’t Have The Cash

Trish McIntire,  OIC Calculator.  When you absolutely, positively can’t pay.

William McBride, Bowles Simpson Call for More Taxes, More Growth

Patrick Temple-West, Sequester talks grow harsh, and more (Tax Break)

Sure the murder charges are serious, but don’t let them find out about the offshore bank accounts!  Pistorius’ Brother and Lawyer Allegedly Removed Documents from the Crime Scene Related to Offshore Bank Accounts (Jack Townsend).

Paul Neiffer,  Good News for Blackberry, Raspberry and Papaya Farmers.  You know who you are.

A new Cavalcade of Risk is up at Nerd Wallet.

Today’s career tip: Bad Spelling Can Derail an Otherwise Promising Career in Fraud (Going Concern)


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