Tax Roundup, 9/4/2013: Another high-level IRS retirement. And where do Germans hide their cash? Depends.

September 4th, 2013 by Joe Kristan

20130419-1Eliana Johnson, IRS No. 2 Set to Retire:

The second in command at the Internal Revenue Service, Beth Tucker, will retire at the end of September. 

Tucker, the Deputy Commissioner of Operations Support, is a 29-year IRS veteran and in her current position reports directly to the agency’s commissioner. She came under fire for her failure to act when she learned that the IRS had awarded hundreds of millions or dollars in contracts, fraudulently, to the information technology provider Strong Castle, Inc.

National Review Online reported in July that Tucker is one of a handful of senior IRS officials who, according to inspector general J. Russell George, “ran up extremely high travel expenses” on the taxpayer dole commuting to Washington, D.C., from outside the region (she lives in Texas). The agency has since changed its travel policy, putting an end to the practice of employees commuting to the capitol by plane. 

But I’m sure their regulation of preparers would be incorruptible.


Russ Fox, IRS Is Big Hindrance in Social Security’s Matching of Social Security Numbers and Names.  Thanks, guys.


Howard Gleckman,  Are Some Americans Paying Federal Income Tax They Don’t Owe? :

It is easy to understand the motivations of those who owe Uncle Sam and don’t file (such a course of action isn’t very smart but it is explainable). It is much harder to figure out why someone who has tax withheld and is likely eligible for refunds or refundable tax credits doesn’t bother. 

It’s something that happens quite a bit.  Unfortunately, such folks often eventually find themselves examined, and it turns out they have a year in which they owe taxes.  Then they learn that the can’t use the excess taxes they paid more than three years ago against the taxes they owe because the statute of limitations for claiming those refunds has expired.

TaxProf, Tolan: Obama’s Proposal to Limit Tax Deductions for High-Income Donors Would Undermine Charitable Giving

Joseph Thorndike, Republicans Are Confused About Their Leverage in the Debt Debate (TAx Analysts Blog)

William Perez,  24 States Ban Same-Sex Marriage and have a State Income Tax Tied to the Federal Income Tax

TaxProf, The IRS Scandal, Day 118


Jack Townsend, Update on U.S.-Swiss Bank Matters – Of Apologies, Wages of Sin, and Leavers

A reader notes that accounting must-read blog Going Concern understands our profession: “‘Your jaded mentality toward the profession is often over the top


Depend-ing on bank secrecy. Germans Hide Cash in Diapers as Swiss Secrecy Crumbles (Bloomberg News)





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