Tax Roundup, 10/14/2013: Tomorrow’s the day for filing extended 1040s! And Pope Francis won’t get you off the hook.

October 14th, 2013 by Joe Kristan

20111040logoTomorrow’s is it.  Extended 1040s are due tomorrow.  There are no further extensions available. Get ‘er done!  As Russ Fox says, It’s One Minute Before Midnight….  Russ has some excellent advice for last minute filers.


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Some folks have, well, unorthodox ideas of how the tax law works.  Destry James Marcotte of Illinois, for example.  Mr. Marcotte was indicted on charges of claiming improper tax refunds.  As part of his defense he filed an “AFFIDAVIT” that testifies to his approach to taxes.   It starts off:


There are 14 pages of this sort of thing, including:




The Pope Francis thing is an innovation in the tax law, but too much of one for the U.S. District Court of Illinois, where Mr. Marcotte was found guilty of tax charges.

The Moral:  Mr. Marcotte went through a lot of work here.  All in all, it would have been easier to file his returns correctly.  No matter how much crazy he put into his tax filings, it wasn’t enough.  He’s likely to get some time in federal prison to ponder his next tax planning moves.



2014 State Business Tax Climate IndexLyman Stone, Taxes and Economic Outcomes: Indiana and Wyoming Edition (Tax Policy Blog)

At least for this sample, when we look at apples-to-apples comparisons of similar states, taxes matter. They aren’t the only variable, something we make clear in the Index report, but they are a significant variable that legislators can control directly. 

Taxes may not be everything, but it defies everything we know about economics to say they are nothing.


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