Tax Roundup, 10/4/2013: Anniversary. And… the Chromaro!

October 4th, 2013 by Joe Kristan

Wilson___________ Anniversary.  The worst president of the 20th century signed the income tax into law 100 years ago yesterday.  The TaxProf notes that New York Law School Hosts Symposium Today on The 100th Anniversary of the Income Tax.  Sounds like a rockin’ time.


Is Today – the Anniversary of the Income Tax – the Worst Day in American History? (Daniel Mitchell)

Don Boudreaux, Don’t Toast This Centenary

William Perez,  100th Anniversary of the Revenue Act of 1913

Kay Bell, Happy official 100th birthday federal income tax.  Happy?



William Perez, Deducting Home Office Expenses. “New for 2013, the IRS allows for a simplified method of calculating home office expenses at a rate of $5 per square feet up to 300 square feet of office space.”

Paul Neiffer, Is 2013 The Last Year to Deduct Sales Tax


Jack Townsend,  Court of Federal Claims Holds that Unlimited Civil Statute of Limitations Requires Taxpayer’s Fraud 


Russ Fox,  Some Things Still Work; Others Don’t (IRS Shutdown) “A piece of bad news:

Wikipedia image courtesy Tallent Show under Creative Commons license

Wikipedia image courtesy Tallent Show under Creative Commons license

Automated Underreporting (AUR) Notices will continue. They’re automated, so there’s no stopping them.”

Tax Justice Blog, Understanding the Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Debates

Andrew Lundeen, Obamacare Exchanges Are Open But Sign-up Numbers Are Low (Tax Policy Blog):

The White House says some applicants have signed up, but didn’t say how many. Rumors in the insurance industry hover in the single digits; several health plans say they are unaware of anyone signing up for their plan. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina says it has enrolled one person.”

But more than one person will be paying for it.

Donald Marron, Actually, the United States Has Defaulted (TaxVox): “The United States defaulted on some Treasury bills in 1979 (ht: Jason Zweig). And it paid a steep price for stiffing bondholders.”



They work for picking motorists pockets.  IDOT to Sioux City: Show us proof traffic cameras work.  (via The Beanwalker)


TaxProf, The IRS Scandal, Day 148

Hans A. von Spakovsky, Protecting the First Amendment from the IRS

Robert D. Flach has your Friday Buzz!


TaxGrrrl performs a valuable bit of journalism by posting a photo of the chrome-plated Camaro (Chromaro?) famously bought by Maurice Larry, the business partner and not-boyfriend of Rashia Wilson, the self-proclaimed “Queen of IRS tax Fraud.”  Here it is:




TaxGrrrl gives us the specs:

The car featured a red leather interior, 48 speakers, five flat screen TVs and 32-inch Forgiato wheels (the kind sported on the likes of Chris Brown’s BMW, Akon’s Lamborghini, Steve Novak’s Mercedes, and Will.I.Am’s Bentley). It was made to attract attention – and it certainly did.

Mr. Larry denies that he was the Queen’s consort, but with her platinum locks, she’d have been fabulous in this ride.  Sadly, after she serves out her 21-year prison sentence, she may be more silver than platinum.




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