IRS issues 2014 auto depreciation limits; luxury begins at $15,800. (Now updated for Extender Bill changes)

February 28th, 2014 by Joe Kristan

Update, February 7, 2015. The IRS yesterday updated the maximum 2014 vehicle depreciation numbers to reflect the changes in extension of bonus depreciation through 2014 (Rev. Proc. 2015-19).

The updated 2014 numbers:

2015-19 table5

The updated 2014 limits for trucks and vans:

2015-19 table6


The old numbers, issued before the extender bill was passed, are below.

The IRS has released the 2014 limits on depreciating autos, trucks and vans for 2014 (Rev. Proc. 2014-21).  These assets are subject to special annual depreciation limits, often known as the “luxury auto” limits.  The limits are lower than last year because of the expiration of the “bonus depreciation” rules.  While bonus depreciation may be retroactively applied to 2014 later this year, these limits reflect what the law is for now, and what it will be if Congress does nothing.


The limits begin to apply for cars costing at least $15,800.  A quick search of finds that “luxury” can be had locally in a new 2014 Hyundai Accent SE, for $15,810:


It’s not your father’s luxury car, for sure.

The limits for trucks and vans:


Live it up, folks!

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