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Tax Update Weekend Link Fest! 9/24/16

Saturday, September 24th, 2016 by Joe Kristan

As an experiment, I have rounded all of the daily links for the past week in one Saturday post. This is for those folks who miss Paul Caron’s weekly link roundups, yet prefer to get their linky tax goodness with their relaxed Saturday breakfast, rather than every weekday morning.

It’s alphabetical by first name because it was easier to sort that way. It’s a little rough, apologies for that. Let me know if this is useful. If people like this after a few weeks, we may keep it going.


Aaron Mendelson, Vaulting to the Gold in Tax Policy Gymnastics (Tax Justice Blog). “For almost a decade now, the mantra of tax reform has been to broaden the tax base by cleaning out the various special interest breaks that have made the tax code so complex. This bill moves in the exact opposite direction by providing an extremely small subset of people a new special tax break.”

Accounting Today, IRS Warns about Fake Tax Notice Scam. “The Internal Revenue Service is alerting tax professionals and taxpayers alike about a new scam involving fake CP2000 notices that are being sent to unsuspecting taxpayers, billing them for unpaid taxes related to the Affordable Care Act.”

Accounting Today, IRS Employee Pleads Guilty to Preparing False Tax Returns. Remember, these are the people who would make sure preparers behave by regulating them.

Alan Cole, Why We Published a Range of Estimates for Donald Trump’s Plan (Tax Policy Blog). “Put simply, we do not understand how non-corporate businesses would be taxed under the Trump plan.”