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Tax Roundup, 4/13/2012

Friday, April 13th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

What do Martha Stewart, Pete Rose and Ozzy Osbourne all have in common?  Tax troubles! A slide show of posh people with tax woes at

Shulman? Political?  Perish the thought. “House Demands IRS Documents on Alleged Harassment of Tea Party Groups” (TaxProf)

CPA Firm Ryan LLC sues IRS over ban on contingent fees.  

I don’t care that you’re broke, we have preparers to regulate: IRS falling behind in processing offer-in-compromise proposals (TIGTA)

We’ll find your refund after we score these open-book competency exams.  Minnesota taxpayer has five-figure refund stolen in Florida, still waiting for IRS to straighten it out a year later (

When in doubt, DON’T throw it out. Jana Luttenegger at the Davis Law Tax Blog talks about how long you should be Keeping Tax Records.

Going Concern: Gambling, Florida, and Worthless Green Bay Packers Stock: A Sports Fan’s Guide to Taxes

The science is settled: “…about the only thing the panelists agreed upon was that the Buffett tax is a terrible idea” (TaxVox)



Thursday, February 21st, 2008 by Joe Kristan

Actor Nicholas Cage and a corporation he owns are going to Tax Court to fight over $1.7 million in assessed taxes. The IRS reportedly asserts that Mr. Cage ran $3.3 million in personal expenses through the corporation — expenses that included a Gulfstream 1159A. The reports say the IRS is disallowing the deductions at the corporate level and assessing the payments as “constructive dividends” on the actor’s 1040.
The Tax Prof and the TaxGrrrl are on the case.



Monday, October 22nd, 2007 by Joe Kristan

oj20070726.jpgRuss Fox is our California tax paparazzi, hunting down celebrities on California’s new list of top tax deadbeats. Naturally no list of famous California deadbeats would be complete without “The Juice.” O.J. Simpson is listed as owing California over $1.4 million.
As he remains focused on his search for “the real killer,” California’s tax authorities just might need to wait a bit.
Other stars making the list of the top California tax delinquents include Dionne Warwick and “Sinbad.”
Hat tip: Dan Meyer. Thanks, Dan, for the get-well note.