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Tax Roundup, 8/29/2012: Envision an IRS exam. Also, weathering storms, and more!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 by Joe Kristan

Sometimes a “visionary” is just seeing things.  The Department of Justice yesterday announced that a “visionary” tax advisor has been enjoined from giving any more tax advice.  From the Department of Justice press release:

The civil injunction order against Scott A. Waage, of San Diego, was signed by Judge William Q. Hayes of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. Waage agreed to the injunction without admitting the allegations against him. 

The government  complaint  in the case alleged that Waage, a self-proclaimed “visionary tax attorney,” promoted tax fraud schemes that helped customers evade income taxes through a concept he called “Strategic Integrated Planning.” According to the complaint, one of Waage’s schemes involved creating and using sham consulting corporations (purportedly headquartered in customers’ homes) that did not perform consulting services. Customers funneled funds to the sham companies to pay for and improperly deduct the customers’ personal expenses, the complaint alleged.  

They must have lowered the bar for what is “visionary.”  Using phony businesses to try to deduct personal expenses isn’t exactly the cutting edge of tax chiseling.

The injunction order requires Waage to give the government a list of all clients who used his tax planning or tax preparation services since 2001. Waage also must send his former clients notice of the injunction order.

That’s the problem when you use a “visionary” tax preparer who is willing to take “aggressive” positions that your everyday namby-pamby practitioner like me won’t touch.  When the preparer gets in trouble because he confuses “aggressive” with “absurd,” his clients can expect the IRS to take a close look at everyone on the client list.


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